Our Vision

The vision for Aunis Health stemmed from the founder’s interest in addressing patient and business needs in health care.

The Aunis Health logo not only symbolizes the company’s purpose to provide “Health Care about You,” but also embodies the spirit of the company to advance health care by improving the health of each individual.

Our Mission

To advance health care by serving patients and businesses with innovative and quality products and services.

Our Values

  • Respect
  • Solidarity
  • Confidence
  • High Performance
  • Diversity
  • Trust
  • Committment
  • Innovation

Our Alliances

Our Creed

You are the most important asset to us at Aunis (pronounced oh-nês) Health. You play a vital part in our mission to support and advance healthcare. Aunis Health, a company devoted to: patients, families, communities, physicians, nurses, pharmacists, researchers, employees, agents, contractors, suppliers, business partners, members, and governments.

Our commitment is to support and advance health care today, and into the future. Aunis Health will deliver new and effective treatments, educate the public on wellness and preventative medicine, integrate technology to create novel health solutions, listen and respond to our stakeholders, adapt to the needs of our customers, invest in the communities in which we operate, comply with local and national regulations, sustain profitability and build adequate reserves.

Unyielding to the status quo, we provide work standards that reward performance, recognize merit, leverage diversity, encourage continuing education, and respect each other. Our work place fosters an environment that enhances the productivity of employees by allowing the open exchange of ideas, maintaining clean and safe offices, aligning with the objectives of our corporate leadership.

Reaching beyond conventional methods, we strive to make a difference in the markets in which we operate. Through market research and business intelligence we assess the latest trends to gain the pulse of our customers. We work cross-functionally to deploy cutting-edge products and solution-oriented services.

Utilizing technology to advance healthcare is paramount to our success. We maintain a digital platform as a primary tool to enhance our communication both internally and externally. We refine our ability to manufacture and supply our customers with the highest quality goods through technology.

Leadership is demonstrated at all levels and in all areas in which we conduct business ensuring great relationships with patients, families, healthcare providers, associates and clients we serve.

Existing and new products will continuously be examined for new indications and uses. We will employ research and development to reveal those mysteries of medicine that have yet to be discovered. The gift of health we treasure, and remains vigilant to the cause of advancing healthcare.

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